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As an ADVOCA mission, we understand that financial success in the dental industry is fueled by a passion for care, meaningful patient relationships, a trust and respect of staff and a satisfaction of leaving a legacy. That is why we have turned the typical DSO management process downside-up.


Is productivity important? Yes. Is process streamlining necessary? Absolutely. But it’s the human relationships, along with personal growth and satisfaction that means the most to us. At the end of your career what memory will stand out the most? A patient, a case, colleague mentorship? Or all of the above?

ADVOCA was created after many conversations with frustrated dentists who were young and looking for opportunity and advancement, or seasoned and looking for freedom and legacy.

All dental careers have varying degrees of success.

At Advoca, we want to shift the focus toward your personal goals and measure the balance of:

Making money & making a difference

Work life & family life

Focusing on patient care & personal growth

Start your new journey, with Advoca.


Our management team isn’t made up of suits in a glass office, crunching numbers and crushing dreams. ADVOCA was started by two Oral Surgeons who believe that there is a better way to take care of Dentists, patient and practices. It’s a company based on a MidWestern honesty and work ethic. Their “treat people how you want to be treated” is authentic and transparent in the way they created ADVOCA.