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Dr. Lawton

“After many years running a practice as a sole dentist, it came time for me to look to the next phase of my career- retirement. I had considered all my options, but was drawn to Advoca, because I liked that Vijay and Jason were both Oral Surgeons and understood the importance of patient relationships. Part of the Advoca process was to work closely with the incoming dentist to ensure a smooth transition for patients and all staff. Now fully retired, I still check in to my old practice and am thrilled to hear that Dr.Zimmerman and the staff are taking care of my patients” – Dr. Lawton



Dr. Zimmerman

“Once I met Jason and Vijay from Advoca, I knew it would be a good fit. It wasn’t a corporate conversation, it was a personal one. They wanted to hear my expectations, my goals, and my style of working. They told me about Advoca offering support from the ground up. This opportunity checked all the boxes: smaller practice with a great team, growth potential, path to ownership and close to family. My entry to the practice also transitioned the retirement of the founding dentist, Dr. Lawton.”  – Dr. Zimmerman


For generations the Lawton family name was known for family dentistry in New London, Wisconsin. After decades of running his own private practice, Dr. Lawton looked to retirement but needed a structured exit plan that not only protected his legacy, but took care of the patients and staff that had become his “family” over the years. After exploring his options of private sale or DSO buy out, he turned to Advoca Dental as a smaller, personal and patient-focused organization to facilitate the transition. Once he engaged Advoca Dental, staff were informed of the seamless transformation, a new name & logo were established, and patients were kept in communication throughout the process. 


A short time later, Dr. Zimmerman joined the practice and worked side by side with Dr. Lawton, learning the nuances of his business. Within 6 months, the transition plan was executed and Dr. Lawton fully retired– leaving his patients and staff in good hands for the future.


The transition to New London Family Dental has been smooth for Zimmerman, for staff and patients alike. Communication was key. When Advoca took over the practice, the only change was that it got better. They took over the management side of the practice and let the dentists and teams focus on what they love best- taking care of patients.