Are DSO’s a Curse or a Boon?

dental support with advoca

When you ask the majority of dentists and patients their opinion of Dental Support Organization (DSO) management, their responses are generally not positive. In fact, most dentists associate DSOs with cold, impersonal service and gimmicky advertising. The general perception is that all DSOs are the same and lack appreciation for the art that is at the heart of dentistry.

While perception is, in fact, the reality with some DSOs, it’s not necessarily inevitable. For example, what if a DSO model was created by individuals who are passionate about dentistry? A patient-focused DSO would certainly differ from a profit-focused DSO. This shift in philosophy would almost certainly align with the goals of dental professionals and the DSO would then become an extension of the practice rather than a cold, separate entity.

That’s why we, the founders of Advoca, have developed a different kind of business model by first listening to frustrated dentists.  We seek solutions that support work-life balance and productivity while still remaining patient focused. The result is a turnkey DSO that can provide a seamless transition for patients and an opportunity for dentists to focus on what they do best – take care of their patients.